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It used to be that one way to replace lost teeth was with uncomfortable and unsightly dentures. Now, in otherwise healthy patients, we have the ability to use dental implants that mimic the look and feel of natural teeth.

The implant advantage

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 •  With proper dental hygiene implants will last as long as your teeth did

 •  Forget that your teeth were ever missing

 •  Relax, the surgery is pain free

 •  Made of durable steel or ceramic

 •  Doesn't impede speech or chewing

 •  Find out if implants are right for you

Getting an implant can be a long and involved process, sometimes involving two or more surgeries. The sooner you start preparing your mouth the easier it will be.


When you come in for your preliminary appointment you'll get a brief tutorial on the correct methods of brushing and flossing. Proper home care is critical to maintaining a healthy mouth.


Restore your smile with dental implants

Not everyone is a good candidate for implants, they require high bone density and a strong immune system.

Find out if implants are right for you.

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